The place was very clean. The masseuse was very friendly and knowledgeable in what she was doing. I highly recommend.
This is a great find for me. Since I have moved down here Cali, I have been looking for a new massage place for 5 months now. There used to be a lot massage stores back home so it was easier to find someone that was well experienced. I have been to almost 10 different massage stores in the area, but unfortunately none of them fitted my needs. The other stores were either missing key aspects in certain areas such as customer service or having properly trained personnel. This place really ticks all the boxes for me. The place was nice and large, with individual rooms that gives a you more privacy. I never like massage places that had just one big open area, that just makes things awkward. The rooms were clean and big. The masseuse actually listened to my concerns and worked on my lower back. I've had pain there continuously for years now, and after on session it was almost all gone! I have never been more impressed, this is a real game changer for me and my health. I appreciate the professionalism that comes from that place.
That massage session was magical. Its like the pain just melted from my body. I sit a lot at work so my shoulders and stick takes a lot of punishment but they fixed all that inn 90 minutes! I only wish I had more time, oh well next time will be longer! This will help a lot in my day to day routine. I am so happy that this place is finally opened. Thanks guys I appreciate the help.
Wow I can't believe I have only just now discovered this place!!! This place is absolutely fantastic, the massage was great! I had some major back pain before walking in there, but I walked out feeling refreshed and ready to go. The place was clean and quiet, really perfect for relaxation. I'll have to go back and get my other problems looked at! I think I will make this place part of my daily routine.
Finally a good massage place in my area! I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the massage that I received. The work that they provided in getting rid of my knots and cramps were wonderful. The staff was very caring and attentive. Would recommend this place to everyone.
Best massage I've ever had!! This is now my go to place for a massage. The service was fantastic and the price was very fair.
I love this place!